Alpine Skiing
Alpine skiing is a "lifetime sport", encouraging skiers to participate at all ages. Skiing and snowboarding currently represent a $5 billion North American industry. Nearly five million Canadians enjoy alpine skiing, and more than two million ski six or more times per year. The average age of alpine skiers is 28, and young adults (18-34) represent 43 percent of the market. The percentage of active skiers earning more than $75,000 has increased for the past three consecutive years.

Alpine Ski Racing
In many respects, alpine ski racing is the quintessential Canadian sport. Few Canadians will forget the World Cup and Olympic successes of the "Crazy Canucks" and their ability to inspire the country.

Today, many young Ontario skiers look for a way to emulate the skiing prowess of our present greats: Allison Forsyth; Melanie Turgeon; Ed Podivinsky and Thomas Grandi- even if only in their minds! At a time when some competitive sports have been tainted by scandal, alpine ski racing stands out as a sport that provides young Canadians with opportunities to pursue their Olympic and World Cup dreams and their personal goals in a healthy, supportive environment.

What is Northern Ontario Division - Alpine (NOD)?

NOD'sObjectives are:

• to promote, foster and teach the sport of alpine ski racing in the region

• to provide the appropriate programs, coaching, facilities and equipment for both competitive and recreational ski racing.

• to administer coaching clinics for coaches, judges, and other officials

• to develop competitive athletes capable of competition in races sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) and Canadian Ski Association, and, ultimately, place athletes on the Ontario Ski Team

• to encourage the self-development, leadership and sportsmanship of all participants

Keys to Success
NOD currently serves 5 member clubs within Northern Ontario. Funds raised support our local aspiring athletes from the grass roots level (Nancy Greene Program - Ages 6 to 10) through to the Ontario Ski Team.

Dedicated volunteers is the proven recipe for any successful community group and NOD has no shortage of these.

The NOD Board of Directors (volunteers) steer the organization through the maze of planning and co-ordinating of still more volunteers who make up the various committees responsible for fundraising events, organizing and staffing over 20 annual races, program development (hiring of professional coaches and planning), and all promotions (newsletter, media releases, WEBSITE, and reporting of results, etc.).

Need for Sponsors
The tireless efforts of NOD volunteers and the community's support of itès events are, unfortunately, not quite enough to totally fund the necessary expenses. The purchase of new or replacement safety fencing and other race safety equipment, ski race gates, panels and bibs all cost thousands of dollars each year as well as professional coaches salaries and athlete's travel expenses. While all participating athletes pay a program registration fee, sponsor participation is required to keep the programs affordable for everyone.

Rewards for Sponsors
In recognition of our valued sponsors, we offer opportunities to feature corporate logos on such things as race bibs, race gate panels and fencing, vehicles, signs, team suits and publications. Many local and out of town spectators attend our events spending meaningful dollars within our community. Sponsors appreciate this exposure and patronage. Also, the media is always encouraged to attend races and frequently corporate logos receive valuable television and print exposure.

Sponsor Specifics
NOD programs shape young members of our community to be responsible, goal oriented citizens. These young ski racers, whether they make the podium or not, experience personal growth by facing a multitude of life's challenges. The skills developed from years of balancing school work and achieving above average grades, while at the same time maintaining a rigorous training schedule year round, creates a talent pool of young adults - The North's future leaders.

Currently, NOD has five levels of sponsors offering financial assistance, in cash, or material goods and services, with a valuation of:

• $100 - $500 are recognized as Friends of The Division

• $501 - $2000 are recognized as Bronze Sponsors

• $2001 - $4000 are recognized as Silver Sponsors

• $4001 - $6000 are recognized as Gold Sponsors

• $6001 or more are recognized as Platinum Sponsors

For More Information
We envision your Company as a sponsorship candidate and should you be interested in offering such assistance, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Chris Ransom or any one of our board members for information on how you can be a part of our worthwhile program.

 Download the NOD Sponsorship Form